Kara Williams, MS, LMHC:  I've been working in the mental health field for over 15 years.  I'm originally from Connecticut and moved down to South Florida after earning my BS at Wagner College in New York City.  I received my MS in Counseling Psychology from FIU and have practiced in a wide variety of settings including Henderson Mental Health Center, Smith Community Mental Health, Atlantic Shores Hospital, and The Center for Psychological Fitness.  The diverse group of individuals I have been able to work with has provided me with very rich experiences that opened my eyes to the variety of ways our minds can be effected by the difficulties of life.  These experiences, combined with the challenges that I've personally dealt with in life, have helped me to grow and create a  happiness that is uniquely mine.  My own challenges have helped me to understand the struggles that my clients go through and relate to the difficulty of adapting in difficult circumstances.  

While in college, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and have dealt with the uncertainty that life offers us.  I put this into perspective for myself and have dedicated my life to being as healthy and happy as I can, which has encouraged me to make myself a priority.   I'm also a wife and mother of young twin girls so balance is key in my life and I feel it is necessary in everyone's life.  I have loved the opportunity of being a full time mom in the mornings but a professional counselor in the evenings and, in fact, this has helped me maintain my own sanity.  I am very fulfilled by my career and the relationships I create with my clients are unique and individualized.  Allow me to help you find the balance that is right for your life and deal with the mental struggles that may be getting in the way.

My approach is tailored to each client individually and combines different aspects of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), existential therapy, and humanistic psychology as appropriate to each unique case.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at karawilliamscounseling@gmail.com