Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first visit?  Once we set up an appointment, you will complete all of your paperwork online to save us the time during your first session.   Our initial visit is my opportunity to get to learn as much as I can about you.   I will be asking many questions to get to know your background and the reasons why you are seeking counseling at this time.  It's important for me to familiarize myself with all the different areas of your life so I can get as full a picture as possible of your stressors, supports, coping skills and struggles.  This helps us formulate goals regarding what you hope to achieve through counseling and begin to get comfortable with one another.

What does LMHC mean?  As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have my BS in psychology as well as my MS in counseling psychology.   My education has focused on the counseling process and creating a therapeutic relationship.  This encourages clients to explore themselves so they can identify and move toward their goals.  There are also 1,500 required hours of supervised experience with clients and successful completion of the national clinical mental health examination to obtain a license in this field.   

What if my problems are too much for you?  I appreciate your concern about my well being but these sessions will be focused on you.  I have extensive experience working with clients with severe depression, bipolar disorder, a wide range of anxiety disorders and schizophrenia.  I have heard about and helped people through very difficult life situations and symptoms of mental illness.   If I feel that I am not the best person to address your concerns, we will discuss possible referrals but that is only because you deserve the most appropriate and effective treatment for your situation.

Do you work with all backgrounds and lifestyles?  Living here in South Florida, I have worked with clients from diverse religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Sexuality and issues facing LGBT individuals are often addressed.  My goal is to understand you and everything that comes with that, to help you find the greatest amount of happiness possible and decrease the discomfort in your life. 

How long are the sessions?  Therapy sessions are 50-55 minutes.  I begin my sessions on the hour (4:00, etc) and we will need to wrap up in that time to respect the other clients that may be scheduled.  Additional sessions can often be scheduled on different days when necessary.

Is all the information confidential? Confidentiality is one of the most important factors of the therapeutic relationship.  No one has access to the information we discuss unless you sign a consent form allowing this to happen.  It is my duty to make sure you are safe and in very rare circumstances I may have to act in your best interest to maintain your safety.  If you are using insurance, you should be aware that they require me to providea diagnosis in order to reimburse for mental health treatment.

How long will I stay involved in counseling?  There are a wide variety of reasons why people seek counseling and a wide variety of lengths that people stay involved in counseling.  This is always up to you as you are free to stop attending sessions at any time.  I do hope this can be an open discussion between us as I will always listen to and respect your wishes.  I have clients who are looking to make a specific change in their life that may be achieved in a few months.  I also see clients who have been dealing with mental illness for years and are involved in more long term therapy to maintain their stability.  We will always clearly discuss any suggestions to increase or decrease sessions depending on your symptoms and life situations.

Do you have any specialized certifications? Yes, I continue to expand my counseling abilities through continuing education courses, often focusing on innovative techniques dealing with depression and anxiety.  However, I do have specialized training and recently completed my Level II Complex Trauma Certification as well as Body Focused Repetitive Behavior training.  

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.