Balancing your mind, body & life

It's so easy for our lives to get thrown off balance.  We are bombarded with stressors everyday and need to find our own way of making life not only manageable but also enjoyable.  Often times, our minds and the way we view our lives are decreasing the pleasure we're able to get out of it.  Do you get overwhelmed by stress or have repetitive thoughts that you can't get away from?  Does your mind automatically focus on the negative aspects or possibilities of a situation?  So many of us need to overcome unhealthy thinking patterns rather than accept the automatic responses that come to mind.    Join me in individualized counseling sessions where you can increase your awareness, minimize your avoidance, and help yourself find the direction you want your life to take.  Call today to start making your happiness a priority at (954)372-6444.

Personalized, individual counseling

I work only with individuals (ages 18 and up).  Many clinicians out there will say that they work with couples, families, and individuals but I feel that there are very different approaches necessary for those sessions. Working 1-on-1, we're able to build a comfortable therapeutic relationship that can help you overcome difficult life situations or mental complications you may be experiencing.

About me

I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experience working in community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and private practice.   That means that I have a Master's degree in counseling and focus only on that.

Office Hours:

Monday: 4 pm-9 pm

Tuesday: 4 pm-9 pm

Wednesday: 8 Am-2 Pm

Thursday: 4 pm-9 pm

Friday: 8 AM-2 PM


I focus on working with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, traumaand adjustment disorders.  We all experience some symptoms related to these illnesses when dealing with the difficulties of life and need to find ways to manage ourselves through these transitions. 

insurances accepted

Aetna-Blue Cross-Cigna-Tricare-Humana




Phone: 954-372-6444

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